Menulog Saved My Reputation Which I Felt was on Stake

Menulog Saved My Reputation Which I Felt was on Stake

Well I’m a bit shocked right now and really want to blurt it all out how I ended up getting everything ready at the eleventh hour without getting embarrassed in front of my guest, and all thanks goes to Menulog promo codes. I was supposed to have a small family meal at my place due to the heavy rain fall I was unable to go to the grocery.

The guests were invited around 6 pm and I was running out of time. My guests included my fiancés and his family too. They were coming to discuss my wedding dress and the colors I wanted for my bridal wear. At my side of the world the bride is given a chance to talk to the groom’s side about the type of bridal dress she would love to wear on her wedding day.

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I was supposed to be ready with my food till 2 and go for a proper salon treatment before my in-laws arrived. The entire plan was ruined due to heavy rainfall and I had no options left. I called up my fiancé and told him about how I really wanted to have a good meal prepared for them and how things had turned out to be ugly enough that the food wasn’t even ready.

My fiancé told me about Menulog and their amazing monsoon season Menulog discount codes. I had the craziest idea of getting the meal ordered from Menulog. I know you might judge me on this but seriously there was no open slot left for me to try. So I went on their online store and instantly got a Menulog coupon code for the dessert menus along with discount on the other food I ordered.

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I grabbed my paper and started writing down the menus I had selected short listed and ordered the food ingredient on the online store of Menulog. The order arrived fresh with instant discount for future shopping as well. I was so relieved that I would be able to finally dish out a proper meal for my in-laws who were coming to our place for the first time.

The food was delivered to my place by 6:30. I didn’t go to the salon. Instead I got ready at home and got my things ready for all the bridal ideas I had beforehand. My in-laws arrived on time and I was able to serve them hot meal coming directly from the oven. After having scrumptious food we discussed about my bridal wear too. Menulog saved my day and saved me from going through a lot of embarrassment.

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